File Renamer Pro File Renamer Pro is a powerful, easy-to-use batch files renamer and mp3 file renamer.It allow you rename many files and mp3's with various options.
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What is File Renamer pro?
File Renamer Pro is an easy-to-use File Renamer allows you to rename multiple files and folders at once. It offers various ways of renaming the files, including uppercase, lowercase, file extension renaming, insertion, deletion, string replacements, sequential renaming and more.File Renamer Pro can rename MP3 files based on ID3 tag information(e.g artist name,title etc.).The program provides a preview of the new file names.It supports drag and drop.

Key Features:
  • Batch File Renaming Rename multiple files,photos,web pages,music at once,preview changes before renaming.
  • Batch Folders Renaming: Can process folder names in mass.
  • Rename file extension: File extensions can be selectively renamed, allowing bulk re-association of multiple files.
  • Convert file case: Upcase, Lowcase file names or extension.
  • Insert string: insert string in existing file names starting at any character positions you like.
  • Delete string : delete parts of file names starting at a specific character position from which you select how many characters to delete from that position.
  • String Replacement: Search for a certain string within filenames and replace it with another string.
  • Sequential Renaming: Sequential Renaming will add a sequence of numbers to your filenames.
  • Rename MP3 files: Tag and rename multiple MP3 files according to their tag information(ID3 tags) !.
  • Filelist renaming: Renaming using a list of filenames.
  • Powerful real-time preview.
  • Easy-to-use Window Explorer style interface: Intuitive user interface that requires no technical knowledge whatsoever.
  • Full drag and drop support.
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